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Watching Ames

Where do you draw the line between a secret admirer and a stalker?

Ames Fitzgerald never expected to have to ask herself that question. She did everything right after her parents died: graduated college, got a steady, boring job, and set her dreams aside in pursuit of stability. But when a sudden gift reminds her of everything she’s been missing, Ames starts to crave the danger of not knowing whether the man behind the gifts is a harmless admirer, or something more sinister.

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Hating Wren

What if the person you want the most wants you gone?

Wren Yao finally found the place she belongs, alongside her newfound best friends. The only problem? Bex Fitzgerald, her best friend’s sister. Bex doesn’t just dislike Wren, she doesn’t see her. And for someone as over the top as Wren, that’s the worst thing Bex could do. That is, until a drunken argument turns Bex from an indifferent acquaintance to Wren’s tormentor, one who’s determined to show that Wren doesn’t belong. Desperate to prove her wrong, Wren is willing to do anything, even if it means taking part in the mind games Bex is so eager to play. 

How do you get rid of the person you can’t stop thinking about?

Bex Fitzgerald has been forcibly brought into the family her sister has joined, and sitting on the fringes of their group isn’t quite as terrible as she imagined. The only problem? Wren Yao, the sickly-sweet, obnoxiously bubbly florist that can’t stop sending her puppy dog eyes and trying to be her friend. And when Wren finally stands up for herself, challenging Bex to make her leave once and for all, Bex can’t help but agree. After all, Bex would love to kill two birds with one stone: get rid of this obsession she has toward Wren and drive her for good.