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Watching Ames

Where do you draw the line between a secret admirer and a stalker?

Ames Fitzgerald never expected to have to ask herself that question. She did everything right after her parents died: graduated college, got a steady, boring job, and set her dreams aside in pursuit of stability. But when a sudden gift finally reminds her of everything she’s been missing, Ames starts to crave the danger of not knowing whether the man behind the gifts is a harmless admirer, or something more sinister.

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XO Surveillance Series

The XO Surveillance series is a planned trilogy of interconnected standalones with over-arching plot lines and themes with HEAs guaranteed at the end of each book. The first book in the series, Watching Ames, is available now. The next book, Hating Wren, a sapphic, bully romance, will be releasing this fall!

Watching Ames Ebook Cover
#1 Watching Ames
#2 Hating Wren
#3 Guarding Rory

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